<About us>
We manage marathon competitions and trail running races in Kagawa pref and sell the exclusive line of products.

①Holding an event
We hold on marathon competitions and trail running races that can be enjoyed not only by advanced runners but also by beginners and children.
My purpose is producing vitality of local and economic effect. This point is different for other competitions.
We think that Not only runners but local people should enjoy each other.

②Selling the exclusive line of products
My designer who is runner makes original logo and product goods which I definitely want.
Please find your own special product from our original goods combine “high quality” “ease of use” and “original design”.

③Other activities (maintenance of mountain trails, etc.) Some of our events involve trails.
Even a well-maintained trail will likely become impassable due to overgrown vegetation and fallen trees if it is not maintained for many years.
There are dangers such as falling rocks, landslides, and landslides.
We also put a lot of effort into maintaining the trails we use for our events. 
And not only the staff and volunteers, but also the players are working together.
Many people participate in the event. Then it provides an opportunity for them to learn about the various problems faced by forest areas.

<For those considering a running event>
It gives excitement and energy not only to the participating athletes, but also to the people who support them.
How about a running event for regional revitalization?
We will propose events that take advantage of the characteristics of the region and grow together with the region.
We can also make proposals for running tours, practice sessions, etc., according to your requests.

社名:一般社団法人ランニングドランカーズ(General Incorporated Association Running Drunkers)
代表者:栗原 浩一